January 4th, 2006


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so bored, cant we just skip the getting to know each other stage?

that was a metaphor.
god-damn it.

The xmas holiday draws painfully slowly, towards its end. And while this was my favourite xmas holiday for at least five to six years, xmas still is still the annual lowpoint of my year, along with my birthday.

My birthday this year was ace. Thanks to Jamie Lukasz, and TBM.

On New Years eve, about quarter to 12 i asked banks a question i had been contemplating for a few days. How have you changed most during the year. selfishly I forget his answer.

2005 for me, will be, perhaps with hindsight the most important year of my life. I feel like i scraped through, just, or maybe i didn't, maybe i failed the year. Who knows.

2005 was the year when i looked at the bigger picture. I feel that when i started the year, i was a product of a highly unstructured fragmented set of beliefs. Held in place by my 'issues and hang-ups', and the only real change that has occured to me, is that i have mapped these out, i have conencted them, and covered/incorporated them all within a new ideology, one that sits way above previous versions, on the top of a hill, looking down.

It feels like my perspective has shifted, i now look upon myself and this world i inhabit in a different way, a more complex, and more sophisticated way. I was a child before. And now everyday i feel i become more of a man.

Perspective for the good. Perspective has changed my life for the better.

and what caused this change in perspective?