January 22nd, 2006


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so, another week rolls through like tumbleweed through a western film.

we progressed, but no gains were made.
life feels like a series of disconnected scenarios right now, and who knows where i'll end up.

sundays truly suck, can't we all just have two saturdays?

so, heres the real part.

At least i know im alive. At least im feeling, and doing a bunch of other healthy stuff. right now i wish i had been to the comic shop before it closed for the weekend, (first powerfoil of the new street fighter comic series, should have been out last thursday) but i was too lazy, so i'll just have to wait until thursday.

probably the most meaningful part of this week was the talk about cynicism with Jamie. Everything and everyone is being so cynical at the moment, and our frequent discussions about the death of rock, and the downfall of music, (which i certainly believe to be true) characterise the time i live in right now.

This time is empty and shallow.

for me glimmers of hope exist. i'd be dead if there weren't glimmers.

things arent right when i cant find music i want to hear. and thats the place i am right now.

yesterday i ate too much pizza, today i will eat weetabix and some soup for dinner :P

peace out, dont let your glimmers of hope fade away.