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if anyone cares. [Mar. 26th, 2006|05:23 pm]
this is my current mixtape

01. Superman - Goldfinger
02. It Beats 4 U - My Morning Jacket
03. Major Leagues - Pavement
04. There There - Radiohead
05. Do You Feel The Same - Silverchair
06. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica
07. Voodoo Chile (slight return) - Jimi Hendrix
08. Lagrimas De Oro - Manu Chao
09. Freedom of Choice - A Perfect Circle

on a side note im also listening to the recently leaked (new) Flaming Lips Album. On first listen it doesn't seem as good as Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi...

[User Picture]From: turkeyphant
2006-03-28 02:21 am (UTC)
Dude, wasn't it leaked months ago? Regardless I agree with your assessment but it is still grood.
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[User Picture]From: andycallander
2006-03-28 01:00 pm (UTC)
its only been leaked in my neck of the woods recently, i believe previous versions were made up of the W.A.N.D. single ( and b-side) tracks, and filled up with live versions of the songs that will feature on the album.

you may well be right though, im not sure, all i know is that there are full copies circulating (all tracks from same source)now, i hope its not the finished version of the album though, or i'll be significantly disappointed.
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