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Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

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yesterday i did everyone's overdue washing up, and cleaned including bleaching, and scrubbing the bathroom.

today im tidying my room.
lukasz is doing his.
and we're cleaning/changing the living room around.

im not doing it because im good, im doing it because it was as much my fault (maybe more) than anyone else's.

I wish i had a cold glass of pepsi or sprite, and/or a spliff.

the digital age

today we live in the digital age.
the age of 0s and 1s.

throw away your Coldplay CD's.

Remember a time when music was a black disk spinning? when a needle read the groves on a record, and magically this brough rich harmonies and pitch changes from what was essentially a piece of plastic to our ears.

Remember when an album was on a double sided vinyl? well these are the times that i wish i lived in.

Led Zeppelin II vinyl, what a classic, there's probably one in every vinyl shop in the country. It really is a classic, and what worries me is that the 'greatest band that ever lived' in the history of the world, wont be remembered in 5 years time, except by people like me, dying hippies in an increasingly cynical and awkward world, and by old crazy people that no-one listens too.

Unfortunatley the cool kids really ruined them, you may not have noticed but there now exists a stigma, (im probably having to overcome it with a few of you) attached to liking Led Zeppelin because the 'arty-retro/alternative' people name drop them like they were taking weight-loss pills from their 'old-school' zeppelin hand-bag.


im talking about a time, when rock-stars could just be rock-stars. when the rest of the world could look to them to break the rules, to fuck the norm, to inform and entertain. Oh, how the times have changed.

The very format of the vinyl has gone, no longer is an album 'forced' over two sides. And i'll tell you how this benefitted the twats.

CD means you can digitally skip songs, isnt this great! (NO, albums were supposed to be listened to, not skipped by) and this seems to be an excuse for bands to use filler. Someone try and point out the filler tracks on 'Houses Of The Holy'?

CD means you can listen to the album as one complete work of art. yeah you dont have to turn it over half way through! (but actually listen to a double sided vinyl, and you'll most likely discover two entirely seperate chapters that combine in an overall way. This is lost on CD, the flow, the two seperate sides lost in favour of a consumer friendly cumulation.

this is a format we love because of the music, a vinyl has individual character, you can leave the lid of the player off, and feel like you are interacting with the music. Light a candle andd it will feel like your alive.

ignore my advice, and take on board nothing. Im ashamed to know you..

who are our examples now? these bands that do nothing, there used to be a time where 'one good rock show could change the world'. I fear for your children, your children will grow up to be margerine depictions of vagueness and blandness.

and Coldplay will be the ones laughing.

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so, another week rolls through like tumbleweed through a western film.

we progressed, but no gains were made.
life feels like a series of disconnected scenarios right now, and who knows where i'll end up.

sundays truly suck, can't we all just have two saturdays?

so, heres the real part.

At least i know im alive. At least im feeling, and doing a bunch of other healthy stuff. right now i wish i had been to the comic shop before it closed for the weekend, (first powerfoil of the new street fighter comic series, should have been out last thursday) but i was too lazy, so i'll just have to wait until thursday.

probably the most meaningful part of this week was the talk about cynicism with Jamie. Everything and everyone is being so cynical at the moment, and our frequent discussions about the death of rock, and the downfall of music, (which i certainly believe to be true) characterise the time i live in right now.

This time is empty and shallow.

for me glimmers of hope exist. i'd be dead if there weren't glimmers.

things arent right when i cant find music i want to hear. and thats the place i am right now.

yesterday i ate too much pizza, today i will eat weetabix and some soup for dinner :P

peace out, dont let your glimmers of hope fade away.